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What It’s Like to Be a Kid in Our Technology-Obsessed Society

What It’s Like to Be a Kid in Our Technology-Obsessed Society

With 85 percent of parents allowing children to use technology in the home and kids under 9 years old averaging two hours of screen use per day, understanding the effects of technology on kids is more important than ever. While keeping an eye on a child at the playground is easy, monitoring online behaviour and media intake is no simple feat, particularly when your child is more prone to understanding the intricacies of tech than you are.

The Effect
As a generation more immersed in technology than any generation before it, kids nowadays are experiencing a whole new set of technology-fueled problems that could make growing up a whole lot harder.

– Depression
Technology is designed to make life easier. Unfortunately, the link between depression and screen use has been well-documented in adults, making life decidedly less easy for any one suffering from this national epidemic. To make matters worse, technology seems to have an increasingly powerful effect when it comes to depression in young people, leading to a bevy of tragic statistics that will make even the staunchest of technophiles reconsider their stance.

– Narcissism
In a world full of likes, shares, and selfies, narcissism is understandably hard to avoid. But when it comes to kids, technology was supposed to provide a means of boosting self-esteem rather than fostering self-interest. We all hoped that they’d have a little more restraint when it comes to chasing the all-too-common rush of being rewarded for a lack of empathy. Unfortunately, that’s just not the case, as one study showed narcissism scores of those born in the 2000s to be much higher than those in the 80s and 90s. And technology is at least partially to blame.





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