3 December 2021 / เวลา 8:38 น.

There’s a scam for that

There’s a scam for that

On the Internet, if it’s free or sounds too good to be true, you should be highly suspicious. The web is plagued by thousands of scams, some simple, some very elaborate, but all aimed at one thing: getting your money. And the astonishing fact is that the same, notorious scams still work.


  1. Urgent!: Please note that this THAIAIRLINE Instagram account is a fake account, not an official one and THAI do not give out any free tickets for those who share.  For official account please go to @thaiairways. We also gently ask that everyone help us spread the word of this fraud account, as currently it was shared all over the social network. Thank you very much.

2. Thai Airways warns that there is a website for Thai Airways claiming Thai Airways. Organize ticket distribution activities is a scam.

Those interested can follow the activities of Thai Airways. Through the official channels of the company as follows
1. thaiairways.com website
2. Facebook Official Page: facebook.com/thaiairways
3. LINE Official Account @ThaiAirways
4. Twitter Official Account: twitter.com/thaiairways
5. Instagram Official Account: instagram.com/thaiairways