3 December 2021 / เวลา 8:10 น.

Ways to prevent Online Shopping Scam

Ways to prevent Online Shopping Scam
  1. Ask for National ID
    National ID is the proof of personal identity. When being scammed, National ID will be able to lead us to the scammers themselves. Even if the ID is fake, we are still able to file police report in order to search for the scammer.
  2. Bank Account Number
    Anyone who shops online on regular basis will know that bank account number is of important information in online transactions. Hence, scammer will be in a hurry to send victim the bank account number in order for the attempt to be success. Of course, account number is another evidence for us to find the information of the scammer.
  3. Seller’s name with account holder name before transferring money
    Technology nowadays can be terrifying, we can find someone online by knowing just their name, through many different approach such as facebook, instagram, line. Despite that, we can also use these to find the scammer with National ID or Bank Account Number.In most cases, whatever happened in the internet world, the data and traces are still around. Therefore, we might be able to find more information on the criminal. For example, what was sold, the reviews of the customers, post regarding the criminal if there is other existing scam.