3 December 2021 / เวลา 7:35 น.

What you post online stays online forever

What you post online stays online forever

We post photos, remarks, location updates and similar content, which we think is fine because we use an anonymous username on a small niche forum.
But niche forums are also indexed by search results, and if you reuse the username, other people can start to connect the dots. This is called doxxing, where people hunt for information about an internet user until they manage to figure out who they are in real life.

And you may think that your posts and comments are usually ignored or don’t receive much attention, but they still remain there and you never know when they come back at you. Not to mention the fact that search engines save and classify your content on so many online servers.

To keep it short, when it comes to posting personal content on forums and similar places, follow these guidelines

  • is this information too personal?
  • delete/edit past posts which reveal too much about you
  • could your content affect your personal or professional life in the future?

Use antivirus protection before you go online

Don’t go online until you have the best antivirus protection that money can buy.
You may think that avoiding adult websites and that sort of thing will keep you safe, but did you know that hackers now hide malicious code even in legitimate websites?

And sometimes not even that is enough. Some ransomware programs are so sophisticated, it is technologically impossible to decrypt them, no matter how much you try.

And in this case, you really need the best tools out there. Heck, some of them are even free.