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Cybercrime : The Importance of Knowledge, Preparation and Vigilance 2

Cybercrime : The Importance of Knowledge, Preparation and Vigilance 2

• Install OS/software updates. Updates, sometimes called patches, fix problems with anoperating system (OS) (e.g., Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OS X) and softwareprograms (e.g., Microsoft Office applications). Most new operating systems are set todownload updates by default. After updates are downloaded, users are asked to install them. Click yes!

• Run anti-virus software. To avoid computer problems caused by viruses, install and runan anti-virus program like Vipre, a product from ThreatTrack. Periodically, check to see ifthe anti-virus is up to date by opening the anti-virus program and checking the date ofthe last update.

• Prevent identity theft. Never give out financial account numbers, Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers or other personal identity information unless the recipient is known. Never send personal or confidential information via email or instantmessages, as these can be easily intercepted. Beware of phishing scams – a form of fraud that uses email messages that appear to be from a reputable business (often a financial institution) in an attempt to gain personal or account information.

• Back up important files. Reduce the risk of losing important files to a virus, computer crash, theft or disaster by creating back-up copies. Store back-up media in a secure place away from your computer, in case of fire or theft. Test your back up media periodically to make sure the files