3 December 2021 / เวลา 8:29 น.

3 Simple Ways to Protect Your Privacy

3 Simple Ways to Protect Your Privacy


1. Password-protect everything.
You may not think it’s necessary to password-protect your home computer, but all your digital devices should be password-protected. That includes your computers, tablets, smartphones and anything other gadgets with personal data on them. If it’s unsecured by a password, a lost or stolen gadget is a source of personal information for whoever has it, which can lead to identity theft and worse.

2. Keep your computer virus-free.
Digital security has a lot to do with digital privacy. If your computer is infected by a virus or malware, not only can hackers dig through your data to steal your identity, but they may lock up your files and ask for a ransom to get them back. The solution? Run an antivirus program to watch for viruses, and keep your other software up to date to close security holes. This applies not only to your computer but your mobile devices as well.

• Turn on automatic updates for Windows.

• MacOS automatically checks for updates by default, but you can check manually with these instructions.

• Android typically notifies you of updates, but you’ll need to install them manually. Instructions will vary depending on your device and the version of Android you’re currently running; check with your device manufacturer for details.

3. Secure your browser.
Your browser is how you interact with the digital world, and if you aren’t careful, you could be leaving a
trail of footprints behind you as you browse. Whether it’s websites and marketers tracking you or a
hacker spying on what you’re doing, there are ways to keep your browsing habits private.
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