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A law enforcement agency that focuses on justice. Prevention, Suppression, Crime, Technology and service people with international standards. To ensure peace and security for the people, society and the nation.


Developed TCSD as an anti-suppression unit. Professional investigators Modern, international, high ethical standards. Commander Government and private sector as well as the general public.


TCSD have a policy focus on human resources development to have expertise in the investigation. Prevent and suppress the offence related to technological crime. Responsible for duty. Have a fair mind Development of public service systems. Development Agency Provide advanced tools. Keep up with the changing of technology. Able to investigate. Suppression Offences against technology crimes Effectively.


Has the power and duty to maintain order, prevent and suppress the crime related to technology investigation and investigation work under the code. Criminal Procedure And other laws relating to computer systems.

Division 1: Offence directed towards computer systems is a goal.

Division 2: Use of computers as a tool for offences.

Division 3: Importation, dissemination of computer data. The computer system is at fault.

Technology Case Support Group: Proactive Interactive Response on the Internet And support technology lawsuits.


  • Dedicated Security For the king, the queen and the royal family.
  • Prevent the crime of technological crime.
  • Justice by the rule of law.
  • Maintaining peace and internal security.
  • Support the performance of other agencies. Also coordinates cooperation between domestic and foreign agencies.
  • Get notified from the public as well as advise and collect problems to provide
    guidance on the prevention of technological crime.
  • Other tasks assigned